Cookies And Privacy Policy

First, a brief explanation of what a cookie is.

Put simply, a cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer or other web enabled device so that the website can remember some information about your browsing activity on the website. A cookie can be used to hold information relating to your use of a website, some examples are:

· information about your device such as it’s IP address and browser type,
· demographic data,
· the URL a link that opened the website you are visiting,
· your online preferences.

The simplicity of such a small text file means that cookies can have many uses and are sometimes essential for the proper functioning of a website; this is often the case with online shops and other interactive websites.

How does the Middlewich Handbell Ringers website use cookies?

The Middlewich Handbell Ringers website does not directly use any cookies however it does make use of an embedded third party element which may do:

· Google Blogger

We use Google Blogger as a website to allow us to publicise and inform our members and the general public about our activities. As this is provided by Google we do not have any control over Google’s use of cookies or their privacy policy, however Google publishes this information and you may read it at


The Middlewich Handbell Ringers website does not routinely collect personal information however from time to time we may run campaigns that request you to enter some information such as your name and address. In such cases the information will only used for the reasons specified in that campaign.

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Last Updated 20th June 2015