Sunday 27 November 2016

Middlewich Makers'Market

Saturday, 26th November

Playing in the veranda at Tesco's in Middlewich is always a challenge. What will the weather be like? Will anyone stop to listen? Will they donate anything? To put it mildly, the weather was unkind. It was a cold, foggy day, with the temperature barely above freezing. In fact a day to stay inside by the fire! However, we are hardy souls and set to with gusto as the best means of keeping warm. 

Since we had more players than the minimum necessary - we were playing carols arranged for 12 bells, or six players in our case, plus a conductor to try to keep them together - there were opportunities to get hands around a warm drink in the staff room without causing a break in proceedings. We managed to play our 22 piece repertoire twice, with most players trying unfamiliar positions.

 I thought we played very well. The good people of Middlewich must have been just as impressed, putting almost £76 in our collecting bucket, more than ever before. A proportion of this will go to Tesco's charities. Perhaps we need to put the rest towards some foot warmers!

David Hawkes

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Autumn Hand Bell Rally at Disley
8th October 2016

On a bright Autumn Saturday morning we set off early for Disley, allowing just over an hour for travel. This proved a little optimistic since there were lots of cyclists en route and then minor ROADWORKS creating a huge queue!!!  Eventually we arrived at our venue, and then had to juggle cars in the car park.

At last, all six groups present were ready for the first massed ringing piece ("Toreador's Song" from Carmen).  It sounded good, even the first time through - much better than in our practices! The other two massed ringing pieces were "Le Lierre" and "Land of Hope and Glory".  Our thanks go to all three conductors.  It was wonderful to hear lots of bells playing in unison. caption

Three rounds of Team ringing produced a wide variety, from classical to popular music, hymns, jazz, tunes from musicals and film themes.  There was Solo ringing (a real challenge) and lots of bells, belleplates, hand chimes, whistles, etc. and several new techniques we had not encountered.

The pieces which will be remembered were "Highland Cathedral" played by Maghull, "God's Train" by Kinder Ringers and a very moving "Let There Be Peace on Earth", also by Maghull. The overall standard was high.

Thanks must go to our hosts, the Kinder Ringers, for their amazing organisation and hospitality - the cakes were delicious! It is 50 years since several teams met at Hazel Grove, the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain being founded the following year. So next year's dates are in our diaries.

Monday 14 November 2016

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Tuesday 19 January 2016

A snapshot of our performances during 2015


Here we are playing at St Michael's during Palm Sunday weekend

Entertaining residents at a local care home

Performing at the Mansion House Tatton as part of their Christmas festivities

Fundraising at the Makers Market Middlewich

Just look at the concentration!

We start 2016 with a visit to Holy Trinity Mothers' Union at Castle in Northwich with our talk "Making Music with Handbells" and members were happy to have a go!