Sunday 27 November 2016

Middlewich Makers'Market

Saturday, 26th November

Playing in the veranda at Tesco's in Middlewich is always a challenge. What will the weather be like? Will anyone stop to listen? Will they donate anything? To put it mildly, the weather was unkind. It was a cold, foggy day, with the temperature barely above freezing. In fact a day to stay inside by the fire! However, we are hardy souls and set to with gusto as the best means of keeping warm. 

Since we had more players than the minimum necessary - we were playing carols arranged for 12 bells, or six players in our case, plus a conductor to try to keep them together - there were opportunities to get hands around a warm drink in the staff room without causing a break in proceedings. We managed to play our 22 piece repertoire twice, with most players trying unfamiliar positions.

 I thought we played very well. The good people of Middlewich must have been just as impressed, putting almost £76 in our collecting bucket, more than ever before. A proportion of this will go to Tesco's charities. Perhaps we need to put the rest towards some foot warmers!

David Hawkes